When I’m Gone

We’ve all lost someone close to us. And often it makes us think Am I ready? My youngest is 21. Yet my will still names a guardian for her. Would my loved ones know where to find the important papers? Do I know where they all are? Would those left behind know who to contact in the event of my death?

Kathleen Fraser address these issues as well as many others in her book When I’m Gone. It contains not only useful information, but space to fill in personal details. Fraser covers the topics you’d expect–documents and records; health and medical care; finances–but she also touches on things that might never cross your mind–pets; computers, TVs and other electronics; your favorite things. And that is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Most of us are too busy living to think much about our death. Plus, we don’t want to dwell on the inevitability. When I’m Gone makes it easy to gather our information and our thoughts without becoming morbid. It assists readers to think about what’s important to them and determine what arrangements still need to be made.

The lighthearted, whimsical illustrations help when dealing with such a sensitive subject. It will also help your loved ones…when the time comes.

I purchased my copy some time ago and am just now getting around to filling it out. I hope my family doesn’t need the information for many, many years, but I do want to know I’ve done my part to make it easier on them.

And now, back to the topic of living…


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