The Corruptibe

I enjoyed a number of things about Mark Mynheir’s The Corruptible. First, I loved the short chapters. It was easier to justify “just one more chapter.”

I also liked the fact that it was written in the first person. I found it drew me into the story. It was more like sitting across from the protagonist, having him tell me the story, than being a distant observer. (Occasionally, the character referred to things he wouldn’t likely notice – even though he was a PI. I found it a little distracting. That’s one of the challenges of writing in first person: staying in the protagonist’s head yet giving readers enough information.)

The characters were distinct and easy to remember. There were enough of them to make the story interesting, but not so many that I got lost. (Although the only Christian character in the book played an important role, for some reason – maybe because she was the only believer – she seemed more like an extra rather than a regular cast member.)

I appreciated the fact that Mynheir didn’t sanitize the story. It was, after all, about a murder investigation and undercover police work. (I didn’t feel he pushed the bounds into the “unacceptable,” but some Christians might view The Corruptible as too edgy.)

All in all, if you enjoy police dramas such as Law and Order, Criminal Minds, and CSI, you will almost assuredly, enjoy reading The Corruptible.

I received a free electronic version of the book from Blogging for Books in exchange for this review.


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