Our Witchdoctors are Too Weak

A book about grammar, syntax, and an unwritten language. A book about missionaries in a far away jungle.

Now, before you shake your head and say, “That’s not for me,” let me tell you why this book is now one of my favourites.

Friend Number One loaned OWATW to Friend Number Two. She began to read it and immediately thought of me. (Why reading a book with a chapter titled “The Interoggation of a Suffix” makes you think of your friend the writer and editor, I can’t imagine.)

I had several books on the go, not to mention a To Do list that went on and on and on. However, when Deb dropped the book off that afternoon, I decided to take a peek. What a great decision!

From the first page, the author is all the things I admire most – not just in an author, but in a human being. Honest. Transparent. Real.

A fellow writer and I were talking yesterday. We agree that good writing is good writing no matter what the subject. On one hand, I’m willing to excuse mediocre writing if I really care about the characters. On the other, I’m willing to read a book in practically any genre if the writing carries me away. And then there are the rare and delightful finds, books with characters that draw me in and stories that transport me to another place. This is one of those books.

I’m a visual learner, and the Janks paint a vivid picture. It’s as if I’m sitting in my living room with them, watching a home movie of their adventures and hearing them tell me all about their lives among the Wilo people. Relationships are what life is all about, and I feel as if I’ve made two new friends.

With candor and humour, Davey and Marie Jank demystify what it means to reach out with love and truth. Maybe, just maybe, if they can do it, I can too.


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