I hope there isn’t a rule that says you shouldn’t review a book you’ve edited. If there is, I’m about to break that rule.

Mystery. Suspense. Intrigue. That’s what you’ll find in Rob Delion’s first novel, Justified.

If something stands out and makes you ask, “Why did the author include that tidbit of information?” and he or she never answers the question, it rubs like a burr under a saddle. Persistent. Distracting. Annoying.

Because I had to edit on my first read-through, I’d often ask, “Does this need to be here?” A few such things got dropped from the first draft, but many were indispensable. I loved those Ah Ha moments, coming across their importance as I continued to read.  To me, that’s craftsmanship. It requires an author to see the big picture while only letting readers see as much as they need to at any given time.

I’m a visual learner. I want enough details to paint a picture. On the other hand, I’m not all that patient. I don’t want to read a description of every rock and blade of grass. Rob has achieved that balance. Months after reading it, I can still see a slide show of scenes playing in my mind.

When I watch a movie that keeps me on the edge of my seat, I need the occasional breather. From time to time, I want to laugh – or at least exhale. Justified propels the reader forward with the right amount of downtime.

As I said to Rob, “Make me care about your characters, and I’m hooked.” I care about the characters in Justified and am looking forward to the sequel. Get busy writing, Mr. Delion.

Order your copy of Justified at either address below or pop by Rob Delion’s Facebook page and arrange for him to send you a signed copy. (You may also want to visit Rob’s blog at http://quillzone.com)




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