Nancy Drew

And for this week’s post…something completely different.

Let’s call it a blast from the past.

OK, enough already with the cliches.

As I was scanning my shelves for a book to review, for no particular reason, I thought back to the Nancy Drew books I read as a child.

Would they stand up to today’s standard of “good writing”? Probably not. But that’s not what I remember.

I remember the brilliance of the cliffhanger at the end of each chapter – long before I knew what to call it. It grabbed me by the throat. I had to turn the page. Just one more chapter…

Though I read many of the original 30+ volumes, did I get caught up on the repetition of details, the implausibility that one person could experience so much in just one year (she never aged), or the formula each book followed? Not on your life. It simply didn’t matter.

And I had some of my most hardy belly laughs because of Carolyn Keene, the authors’ pseudonym. My best friend and I would sprawl across my bed, each with a ND book in hand. We would open to page 1 and each of us, one after the other, would read a line…not a sentence, mind you – a line. Some of the resulting sentences made absolutely no sense. Others, however, were side-splitting. (I wonder if I’d think the same today.)

All in all, I largely credit my love of reading with the adventures of this young woman. And isn’t that what “the best” books do? They get us reading. They keep us reading. And they always retain a special place in our hearts.

So, what books grabbed your attention long ago?



One thought on “Nancy Drew

  1. Yup – good old Nancy Drew Books – When Jack and I first got married we decided to try to get a whole collection of each of them – after about 25 years we managed – finally have them all (old ones) and now some of the newer ones as well.

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