Radical Together

If you haven’t read my review of David Platt’s Radical, I invite you to do so: https://bookrevu.wordpress.com/page/2/

In my review I called it “the second most influential book I’ve ever read.” I consider it next only to the Bible. If you haven’t read Radical, I highly recommend it.

As with Radical, Radical Together is one of the hardest easy-reads I’ve ever picked up. It challenges churches – and individuals – to openly and honestly examine not only our theology, but our methodology. Do we go about making disciples and caring for widows and orphans as we are commanded? Do our programs do so in the most effective way possible?

According to the Book of James, “faith without works is dead.” Platt warns against Andys and Ashleys. Andys believe if they claim to believe in Jesus, it’s irrelevant how they live their lives. Ashleys feel if they do enough good works they can earn their salvation. Of course, neither is a biblical view of Christianity. We must show our faith by living out scripture’s commands.

Platt does not try to guilt anyone into living sacrificially, but he does challenge readers to live radically. To effectively make an impact on the world, we must do so in community. That community is most often our local church.

In many ways, this book would be most effective if read and implemented by leaders in the church, but they can’t do it alone. All of us can become leaders if we are willing to examine our lives, begin to live radically, and encourage others to do the same by our example and an explanation of what God is doing in our hearts, minds, and lives.

Both books receive a five out of five from me.

I received Radical Together free from Blogging for Books in exchange for this review. Since it was a book I intended to purchase anyway, I was thrilled to see it on their list.



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