If an author leaned over to you at lunch and asked if she could send her unpublished manuscript to you for review, I bet you’d jump at the chance…especially if that author was one of your favourites.

That’s what happened to me at the writers conference in June. What an honour!

Shortly after I returned home, Joshua by M.D. Meyer arrived in my inbox. I started reading right away. Having read Lewis, another book in the series, it was like returning to Rabbit Lake for a second visit. The people and places seemed familiar.

Like most people, I enjoy a nice story with a happy ending. However, too often, novels are too tidy, too idyllic. No matter who we are, we’ve likely encountered tragedy and heartbreak of some kind. And I, for one, want a work of fiction to authentically reflect the human condition. I want to care about the characters. I even want to experience the whole gamut of emotions.

Wow! What a ride it was reading Joshua! One thing’s for sure: No-one will accuse M.D. of writing about two-dimensional characters in unrealistic situations. On the contrary, her very believable characters are often in far-too-realistic situations. From Martha, the take charge, faith-filled grandmother to Cynarra, the courageous, heartbroken eight-year-old to Joshua, the lone stallion with a tragic past, readers will come to know and care about each one. And if they’re like me, they’ll cry, gasp, and even get “the warm fuzzies” on occasion.

A skilled author grabs your attention and keeps you on the edge of your seat as effectively as any movie director. Yet, the author does so without the advantages of a soundtrack, dramatic lighting, and award-winning actors. If you want to dive into a compelling story, keep your eyes open for the release of Joshua.


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