My question…Why hasn’t someone written this book before now–or one like it?

This proposal wrapped in Donna Dawson’s story of two fictional women and the medical researcher who changed their lives investigates what could become a cutting edge medical procedure. Once made available, the question as to whether or not to have an abortion for an “unwanted pregnancy” would be moot.

Apparently, micromanipulation has been going on with livestock for years. (To the farmers and ranchers out there…forgive my ignorance.) A fertilized egg is transferred from the uterus of one animal to the prepared uterus of another. Dawson explores the implications for women who become pregnant but do not want to be and those who wish to become pregnant but can’t.

Statistically, more women than men will read this book, but that doesn’t need to be the case. Pregnancy, childbirth and abortion are topics that affect us all. There are well-developed male characters in this book. Men, you won’t be alone.

As they do when it comes to this topic, emotions run high in Rescued. Dawson adds an element of danger and suspense. This is far from a clinical text. The story illuminates what could be much brighter days ahead. The Abortion Debate will continue for years. However, with enough research dollars and public awareness, there may be a satisfactory answer for those on both sides of the issue.

Visit the author’s page to learn more about the book and her other projects at


One thought on “Rescued

  1. Stephanie, you humble me. I am overwhelmed by your review. You have captured my heart’s desire in your words. I pray someone WILL take this book and make it happen. Blessings.

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