Juicy Pens Thirsty Paper

While perusing the shelves of my local library, I stumbled upon one of SARK’s books, Juicy Pens Thirsty Paper. (SARK stands for Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy.)

At first glance, if looks like the work of a child. The pages are handwritten with various coloured markers. There are delightful doodles and drawings, fun fonts and photos. Am I getting carried away here? Maybe just a little. But that’s what this book does for a writer: It says, “Go for it! Have a blast! Write for you…and invite others to hear your heart.”

I have many books about writing on my shelves, from the very serious to those filled with fanciful prompts, but nothing comes close to Juicy Pens…It’s truly unique. Is it for everyone? No. But I loved it!

I love watercolours and chalk pastels because, with them, an artist can create something quickly. (Oil paints take too much time to dry, and sometimes the painter even has to wait before applying the next layer of colour.) Impatience. That’s one of the main reasons my favourite form of artistic expression is photography. Instant masterpiece! I love it! I also love the idea of dance: flowing, free, expressive. I say I love “the idea of dance” because all those cliche phrases describe me: clumsy, two left feet, uncoordinated…

So, what do these things have to do with writing and Juicy Pens..? SARK’s book gives me permission to be “less than perfect.” Each letter doesn’t have to be perfectly formed. Each thought doesn’t have to emerge fully mature. I can aim for perfectly flowing words, but like the would-be dancer, the steps may be awkward at times–and that’s OK.

Thank you, SARK, for giving me permission to write…just write.

To visit the author’s whimsical site, visit http://planetsark.com/


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