Radical by David Platt is the second most life-changing book I’ve ever read. (The first being the Bible.)

It is written in an easy-to-read style. And yet, there is nothing easy about the message. Christians are challenged to live a radical lifestyle. In short, we are called to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and visit the sick and imprisoned, all the while, sharing the Truth of the Scriptures.

Platt does not condemn material possessions nor those who have them. In fact, he is the pastor of a mega church. However, he is calling his congregation and millions of others to use that wealth to reach out in the name of Jesus.

He uses statistics in a way that got my attention. And believe me, I am not a numbers person. Don’t get me wrong; Platt doesn’t include long lists of numbers. He incorporates the information into each chapter in a very efficient and eye-opening way.

Maybe it’s because this book confirmed what the Lord has been teaching me. Maybe it’s because it answered some of my questions. Maybe it’s because it removed some of my long-held excuses. Whatever the reason, I would highly recommend Radical.

In the last chapter, Platt lays out a one year challenge. As he says, there are things we can commit to for a year and there are things we can lay aside for a year. If you’re ready to stop pursuing “the American dream”…If you’re ready, as one of Platt’s congregants put it, to have your life “ruined”…This book is for you.

You will also want to check out the corresponding website: http://www.radicalthebook.com/


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